Monday, April 30, 2012

The Siren's Call is, um.. "hiring"..

"Why yes this *is* the line for applications"
...and by "hiring" I don't exactly mean "work in exchange for pay". HiaG was a nice, pseudo-solitary run, as a personal Crypt should be, but I want to try something different here at tSC. A proper ship needs a Crew. Funny thing is, in nautical history there were what were know as "Press-Gangs" Many a sailor was Shanghaied into service, (Never fall asleep at a Tavern, be Ye Warned!).

 Join The tSC Press Gang! (volunteer submissions)
Joining is easy! Don't be shy!
But of course, here at The Siren's Call, we'd *never* resort to such tactics, Oh-ho-ho, No!
Now understand first, and foremost, you'll get full credit for your work, (and help, where required). What this is for is a chance for aspiring bloggers to get some exposure, and for Veteran Bloggers who may not have chosen to run a separate blog for Pirate101. There's planned to be a routine "Sound Off" from around the Spir@l, and I'll be threatening, coercing, asking politely for submissions from some of our existing bloggers. and Community Leaders. Let's just see how *that* works out, shall we?

So, in essence, I'm putting my faith in the KingsIsle Fan Community, of whom I've constantly endorsed, "to the test". Submissions can be editorial, fan art, fan fiction, Journalistic reports from the field, strategy guides, what-have-you. The content (so long as it adheres to KI's Code of Conduct), it up to you. As is whether or not you want to take me up, on this opportunity. Donate 'yer compass to the cause, and get a full share!

The Choice is Yours.

Lowering the boom.

Full-on broadsides. A slugging match for ships.
Ahoy there, Cap'n!

Well, we can expect a leisurely wait between Official word from KingsIsle Fleet Command, so a lot of us can only dissect the minutiae and detail any/all data found at the Official Pirate101 Website.

*sigh* Waiting is the hardest part. Funny thing is, with every "Age of Sail" Pirate game, (Like Pirates of the Burning Sea, of Pirates of the Caribbean Online), the one thing that was always *first* to rub a digital callus in my gaming brain is the actual *sailing* itself. Getting from "Point A" to "Point B". I'm certainly curious to see how P101's Skyways tackle the dilemma of "distance vs time traveled". Pirate Sailing involves countless hours of monotonous bobbing, broken up by minutes of sheer combat anxiety.

But if Wizard101 is any guidepost, I expect it won't be so bad. With Fast Currents, and Sailing maps that are separate from Land Maps, I expect a small transition when going ashore, and that's to be expected. And what about the ships, themselves? Will there be "stitching" of custom ship components, or will it be "choose function over form"? I believe ship customization will be an art unto itself, and I can't wait for my first Boarding Party. Is it all cannonballs, or is the grapeshot, and chain-shot? Will be able to *name* our ships? Piratey-type minds want to know!

But, as to the ship-to-ship battles, I'm curious as to just how involved it's going to be. Will there be a "wind direction"?. I'm going to guess "probably not". (If you want to experience the *joy* of being enslaved to wind direction (which all ships of sail are), might I recommend this free online simulator from The Pirate King. While you're there, please do take some time to browse the entire, (and impressively comprehensive) site on "All thing Pirate", including a list of "every pirate movie ever made", (to which I challenge Cap'n Heather Raven to match lists) . Honestly, (and without fingers crossed behind me' back), I can say that The Pirate King is guaranteed to teach you something you didn't know before.

Valparaiso (Sting) From Master and Commander

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Know Yer Nautical History, Class #1

Ahoy, Captains!

It is a well known axiom that a boat is "a hole in the water that one constantly throws money into", but unless you're a well versed reader of Chapman's Piloting, some of the shipboard terminology may be a *bit* obscure. For example:

There *will* be a test..maybe.

 Really, all you need to know is this, (in this *lavish* illustration): 

See? So much easier on the eyes. You're welcome.

Now *Sails*, on the other hand, for Tall Ships, is *much* easier:

*Definitely* gonna be a test. Do your Homework, (*giggle*)

Okay, so we know that Pirate101's ships will be *slightly* less complicated, but I thought "in the spirit of things", we'd take a quick peek at "what has gone before". Admittedly, I am a bit of a maritime Geek, (especially relating to all things Pirate). 

In the Boston-ish Area, we have our own Pirate "Heroes", like "Black" Sam Bellamy,  and we have Pirate Museums, (in Salem, no less!). Who's your "favorite" Notorious Scallywag? (Jack Sparrow doesn't count, Ashley, we're talking *historical* pirates).

Today's Naughty-Call video selection shall be "Rime of the Ancient Mariner", ( The Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem as read by Orson Welles, not sung by Bruce Dickinson, -Sorry 'Maiden Fans. ;) )

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Which doctor, why Witchdoctor, of course! Which Witchdoctor? The one with the Power of Hoodoo! Who do? YOU do! Do what? Wanna play a Witchdoctor.

Witchdoctor is one of the 5 playable character Classes in Pirate101. Of Course, there's also Buccaneer,(That's $2.00 for both ears), Musketeer (more than 3 available), Privateer (The last of the  "eer" classes), and Swashbuckler (you know, if you're into buckling swashes).

"But Autumn, I mean, 'Captain', why Witchdoctor?"

So glad you asked.
Really, for anyone that knows me, or has read HiaG at all, there could really *be* no other choice.  Why, even in the description it says "Masters of the Dark Arts". As a Necromantress of (questionable) repute, I can only quote Tia Dalma with "It's in my nature". (And c'mon, really, who *wouldn't* want Epic Power like hers, amirite?). The ability to learn Mournsong, "which summons spirits to drain the health of their enemies.", sounds like it was *made* for me.Mmm..Vampire Pirates.....Johnny Depp has been *both*, now...but I digress.

With Friendly still on the loose, running amok  in Our Spir@l, It's my inclination, nay, my DUTY to match him class for class, world for world, as a *proper* Frenemy. (For those of you who are new to me, know that I have the greatest respect for Thomas, and we have played at this game-within-a-game for a very long time, now.).

Once his Legal (NDA) shackles fall off, I have no doubt that The Friendly Witchdoctor will, as is proper, be the stalwart hub of our out-of-game Community...and he's earned that. I doubt that any of my Old Skool Peers would contest that, given the many Pillars of Community we have among us.

Until that time, however, when The Colors are *Officially* Hoisted, I will be the ever brooding, plotting, and subversive little nemesis I can be. Sure, I won't win "in the end", but that's part of the job description.
Also, I have a lingering residue of duty and obligation to KingsIsle, and it's awesome fan community, to "Keep the troops rallied", as it were, in perpetual repayment of the joy and entertainment that both have bequeathed to me.A KingsIsle Game is akin to a Dinner Table, and all who come to it are Family..

Wow, look at me, all rambling on, going off-topic like that. "Just like the old days". I think I'll cut my losses and leave you with a "Be well", until next time.

Be Thee Well...and enjoy some classic Labyrinth:

When you're a Professional #Twirate don't have to wear a suit!

As the excitement builds, and our self-ascribed titles and hashtags develop, I'd like to offer a pseudo-theme song for all my fellow #Twirates  of #P101 on the Twitter:

It's a song I used to (constantly) tease Ashley Duskhunter with (because my singing voice will never land me on American Idol. it's a fun song, relatively "safe" (it *is* the Muppets, after all), and hey, I think it pretty well illustrates the sense of fun and adventure we all share.

Take it, or leave it, that's my vote. Of course, YOU, the Community at large, may have other opinions, and I'd love to hear them! What's *Your* favorite piratey-themed song? Is it a traditional sea shanty, or a more modern movie-based interpretation? Or, is it something altogether unrelated? Please, do tell!

May your sails be full, and your bilges empty.
Be Well!

Calling all Captains!

Well, it's well known that the KingsIsle Fan Community is, without doubt, THE best in any gaming spiral. The explosive growth of fanblogging for games like Wizard101 is a technological leap forward.

I do believe that Pirate101 will be no exception to this, and I'm sending out a Call to all blog-legged Captains that plan of plying the skyways of Our Spir@l.

Simply put, I'm asking for blogroll submissions. I know that *some* people are restricted by NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), and I'm not looking for blogs that aren't ready for publication. What I'm looking for are those digital scallywags that are unbound by legal constraints, and have set their blogs afloat in the here-and-now.

Why so early? Let Wizard101 answer that for you. We'll all soon be awash in blogs, but for that to happen, we have to know where to look, so I say "Hoist The Colors", and let the (blog)Roll Call begin! Simply comment your blog's URL, and away we go!

Be Well, and may your sails be full!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fun with advanced theorycrafting

 From Bloomberg

"With "Pirate101," the company is following the template of its influences, like Pixar's line of hit movies and the "Star Wars" series, which has had a big impact on the company's storytelling. In describing the difference between "Wizard" and "Pirate," Coleman said that while the story of a chosen hero from the first game is akin to the story of Luke Skywalker, "Pirate101" is "the Han Solo story," about a rogue adventurer who learns to be a hero.
Players of the game will pilot airships and explore lands unexplored in "Wizard101" while building a crew. They'll choose from among five kinds of characters: Buccaneer, Witchdoctor, Privateer, Swashbuckler or Musketeer, building up an unsavory crew against an evil robot Armada."

Let us not forget, Han Shot First.Remake, or not.;)
I likes me a scoundrel.

Robot Armada? Sounds like Clockwork, to me, and *that* sounds like Valencia
(Ah, I tell you, it's good to be back, and I'm definitely looking forwards to some theorycrafting. For the moment, however, I'm gonna play my cards close to the vest, until the time is right.)

 The Legacy of Kane, our new Malistaire?

Pose any threat? Destroy us?! Let's start a Riot! Sounds like a powerplay, to me, one in which we won't profit. This "Grand Design" does not bode well. Akin tho the East India Trading Company, the rich and powerful seem to never be content with what they have. However, what they don't have, is US. Let's stand, shoulder-to-shoulder, and keep our freedom!
(If anything else, this prelude offers me oh-so-many opportunities to pull out all the stops to over-use any/all POTC references, lol. "Sorry, in advance")

Let's start a riot!
Be Well

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Captain's Log- Prologue. Heeding the Call

April the 26th, 2012
Regions Unknown

Word has flown through the wind of stormy seas approaching. Rising from my Crypt, I strode to the shore to face it head on. New worlds to pillage and plunder? Known allies, (and frenemies) to do battle with, and dispatch to Davey Jones' own locker? 'Tis time to 'do one's Homework' , methinks. In this journal, I shall endeavor to chronicle my adventures upon this new world, with all the Dark Humor one might expect from Yours Truly.

I stand intrigued. I have heard the Siren's Call, and I hasten to meet it!

Too long have I slumbered, too long without the company of mortal compatriots. This shall be rectified.
I await the coming storm with a Grim Reaper's resolution, I urge it forward! Come, forces of Sea and Air! Come meet my canvas! Meet the steel in my resolve, and in my sword! Come, ye foolhardy who would stand before me and my brethren (and sisterethen?). Come, and see what we can do!

Yo-ho, yo-ho! A Pirate's Life for me!

-Captain Autumn Duskhunter