Monday, April 30, 2012

The Siren's Call is, um.. "hiring"..

"Why yes this *is* the line for applications"
...and by "hiring" I don't exactly mean "work in exchange for pay". HiaG was a nice, pseudo-solitary run, as a personal Crypt should be, but I want to try something different here at tSC. A proper ship needs a Crew. Funny thing is, in nautical history there were what were know as "Press-Gangs" Many a sailor was Shanghaied into service, (Never fall asleep at a Tavern, be Ye Warned!).

 Join The tSC Press Gang! (volunteer submissions)
Joining is easy! Don't be shy!
But of course, here at The Siren's Call, we'd *never* resort to such tactics, Oh-ho-ho, No!
Now understand first, and foremost, you'll get full credit for your work, (and help, where required). What this is for is a chance for aspiring bloggers to get some exposure, and for Veteran Bloggers who may not have chosen to run a separate blog for Pirate101. There's planned to be a routine "Sound Off" from around the Spir@l, and I'll be threatening, coercing, asking politely for submissions from some of our existing bloggers. and Community Leaders. Let's just see how *that* works out, shall we?

So, in essence, I'm putting my faith in the KingsIsle Fan Community, of whom I've constantly endorsed, "to the test". Submissions can be editorial, fan art, fan fiction, Journalistic reports from the field, strategy guides, what-have-you. The content (so long as it adheres to KI's Code of Conduct), it up to you. As is whether or not you want to take me up, on this opportunity. Donate 'yer compass to the cause, and get a full share!

The Choice is Yours.


John Lifeglen said...

Soundoff, eh? If ever you need someone to toot a horn (or need me to toot my own; I am quite good at that), I'll answer the Siren's Call. :)

Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Arr!!! I'll answer the call :D

Heather Raven said...

Hey... where am I? I was just having a nip o' rootbeer at my local public, when this big fellows came and sat next to me. Oof. My head. I guess I'm at your service Captain. Okay. You can put the pistol down now. No seriously!...