Saturday, April 28, 2012

When you're a Professional #Twirate don't have to wear a suit!

As the excitement builds, and our self-ascribed titles and hashtags develop, I'd like to offer a pseudo-theme song for all my fellow #Twirates  of #P101 on the Twitter:

It's a song I used to (constantly) tease Ashley Duskhunter with (because my singing voice will never land me on American Idol. it's a fun song, relatively "safe" (it *is* the Muppets, after all), and hey, I think it pretty well illustrates the sense of fun and adventure we all share.

Take it, or leave it, that's my vote. Of course, YOU, the Community at large, may have other opinions, and I'd love to hear them! What's *Your* favorite piratey-themed song? Is it a traditional sea shanty, or a more modern movie-based interpretation? Or, is it something altogether unrelated? Please, do tell!

May your sails be full, and your bilges empty.
Be Well!

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