Thursday, April 26, 2012

Captain's Log- Prologue. Heeding the Call

April the 26th, 2012
Regions Unknown

Word has flown through the wind of stormy seas approaching. Rising from my Crypt, I strode to the shore to face it head on. New worlds to pillage and plunder? Known allies, (and frenemies) to do battle with, and dispatch to Davey Jones' own locker? 'Tis time to 'do one's Homework' , methinks. In this journal, I shall endeavor to chronicle my adventures upon this new world, with all the Dark Humor one might expect from Yours Truly.

I stand intrigued. I have heard the Siren's Call, and I hasten to meet it!

Too long have I slumbered, too long without the company of mortal compatriots. This shall be rectified.
I await the coming storm with a Grim Reaper's resolution, I urge it forward! Come, forces of Sea and Air! Come meet my canvas! Meet the steel in my resolve, and in my sword! Come, ye foolhardy who would stand before me and my brethren (and sisterethen?). Come, and see what we can do!

Yo-ho, yo-ho! A Pirate's Life for me!

-Captain Autumn Duskhunter

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