Saturday, April 28, 2012

Is there a Doctor in the house?

Which doctor, why Witchdoctor, of course! Which Witchdoctor? The one with the Power of Hoodoo! Who do? YOU do! Do what? Wanna play a Witchdoctor.

Witchdoctor is one of the 5 playable character Classes in Pirate101. Of Course, there's also Buccaneer,(That's $2.00 for both ears), Musketeer (more than 3 available), Privateer (The last of the  "eer" classes), and Swashbuckler (you know, if you're into buckling swashes).

"But Autumn, I mean, 'Captain', why Witchdoctor?"

So glad you asked.
Really, for anyone that knows me, or has read HiaG at all, there could really *be* no other choice.  Why, even in the description it says "Masters of the Dark Arts". As a Necromantress of (questionable) repute, I can only quote Tia Dalma with "It's in my nature". (And c'mon, really, who *wouldn't* want Epic Power like hers, amirite?). The ability to learn Mournsong, "which summons spirits to drain the health of their enemies.", sounds like it was *made* for me.Mmm..Vampire Pirates.....Johnny Depp has been *both*, now...but I digress.

With Friendly still on the loose, running amok  in Our Spir@l, It's my inclination, nay, my DUTY to match him class for class, world for world, as a *proper* Frenemy. (For those of you who are new to me, know that I have the greatest respect for Thomas, and we have played at this game-within-a-game for a very long time, now.).

Once his Legal (NDA) shackles fall off, I have no doubt that The Friendly Witchdoctor will, as is proper, be the stalwart hub of our out-of-game Community...and he's earned that. I doubt that any of my Old Skool Peers would contest that, given the many Pillars of Community we have among us.

Until that time, however, when The Colors are *Officially* Hoisted, I will be the ever brooding, plotting, and subversive little nemesis I can be. Sure, I won't win "in the end", but that's part of the job description.
Also, I have a lingering residue of duty and obligation to KingsIsle, and it's awesome fan community, to "Keep the troops rallied", as it were, in perpetual repayment of the joy and entertainment that both have bequeathed to me.A KingsIsle Game is akin to a Dinner Table, and all who come to it are Family..

Wow, look at me, all rambling on, going off-topic like that. "Just like the old days". I think I'll cut my losses and leave you with a "Be well", until next time.

Be Thee Well...and enjoy some classic Labyrinth:

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