Monday, June 25, 2012

Giddy-up, there, uh, "Pirates"?

Hey, Captains!

Sorry I've been so mute, lately, lots going on, but check THIS out:
Click to link to P101 Cool Ranch. Hold the croutons, please.

"If there is a bright center to the Spiral, Cool Ranch is the realm it is farthest from. A stark, beautiful realm of rocky islands and seemingly endless skies, Cool Ranch is a land of desert, cactus, and tumbleweeds, a wild realm where civilization can be as fragile as a cool breeze."

Wow, first Johnny Depp, now I gotta dig up som Clint Eastwood references, too!
I dunno how "Cowboys" is gonna fit, but "what the heck?". I guess it worked for Cowboys&Aliens, and "Cowboys&Ninjas", so why not "Cowboys&Pirates" right?

Who knows, this could be the next, best thing, since peanut butter&chocolate.

So, "Saddle up", and uh,  prepare to board!

And be sure to check out the New Added Concept Art! And New Downloads!

Also, be sure to follow WitchWarrior101 for the ongoing story of "Poison Ivy 2"

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

To all our W101, (and future P101), Dads!

Of course, we' cant forget the First Father of Our Spir@l, Friendly. (Who I envision "Rockin' the Dockers" at KingsIsle).

Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Official, tSC is *not*

See the updated banner? Notice anything different? Let's discuss.

After KingsIsle's recent opening of the proverbial floodgates for Official Fansites, I have made the conscious decision *not* to apply, and I'd like to address it here and now.

In NO way whatsoever should this be considered any kind of 'slight' to KingsIsle. Quite the contrary, having been graced previously with "Official" status with HiaG, (now rescinded), it seems inappropriate for me to take any spotlight once again. I believe *new* voices should stand up, and be heard, not "the usual suspects". I've had my time, and I gracefully expect (nay, demand) that my "dandelions" step up, and take my place. It's the Circle of Life. (Que Lion King theme)

I had my time, now it's YOUR turn.
I have stated before, as have several other fine bloggers, that the motivations for being "Official" must, by nature, be darn-near 100% "Pure". We who blog, from the heart, do not do it for "fame", nor "prizes". I want people who read tSC to be here because they share a certain affinity for my views or writing style, not because I'm "Official", or "Likely to give stuff away", or even "famous".  My blog here is for the love, and for the friends I make that share it with me. Nothing more. Nothing less.

If you're going for the "Official" nod from KI, I wish you well. Understand that you are pledging yourself for the future. Hold your blog as a committed promise, and  do it with joyful love. Sail proudly in the Kings(Isle) Fleet. Know that you represent something greater than all of us, and that is the family-friendly magic that is Our Spir@l. I salute you, and your honor to be able to hoist the KI colors. Serve those colors, and what they represent, to the very best of your abilities.

I am a Pirate, and I am free to live or die by my words. And so it shall remain. Are *you* "Simba enough" to carry the KI banner high? Let's see what you got.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

tSC, your Fast Lane to the "X"..or "O"

Well, Good ol' Captain Avery ( @Pirate101_Avery ) just tweeted the following:

Seems simple enough, doesn't it? "No big deal", even...If you think that, you'd be "dead" WRONG.

An astute observer, who diligently seeks, shall find something grand, indeed:
Forget "X", "O" marks the spot on this treasure hunt.
Sure, I *could* show you more, but it's "all about the hunt", isn't it?

Fan Sites. That is all.

Happy hunting, Captains. ;)

This bodes well

Hey, Captains! Great P101 news!

Pirate 101 won "Best Hybrid Strategy" at E3! (via RTS Guru):

" Kingsisle's 2nd kid-friendly MMO could be written off by that one hyphenated word: kid-friendly. But doing so would make you the stupidest person ever. No. Really. The stupidest. Because Pirate 101 is shaping up to be one of the fantastic example of an MMO with a strategy bent done right. All combat is turn-based grid-movement RTS goodness at its finest, and the crew you build makes P101 like Final Fantasy Tactics on the high seas. Watch this one folks. It's going to be a keeper."

 ALso, P101 nominated for "Most Innovative" at

And last, (but certainly not *least*), P101 gets front page coverage over at DadLabs

"Pirate101 Online Family Gaming - Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad visit the headquarters of KingsIsle, creators of Wizard101, the smash online game with over 25 million users. They get a sneak peak at the follow up game, Pirate101."

Pirate 101 is an adventure game that is accessible and family friendly with various levels and game tracks for older and younger players. KingsIsle focused on multi-generational play because online gaming is becoming more important to families, and many report being brought closer together by playing them.
Absorb it all..

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hello Fellow Pirate People! It's Ashley! Here to call Mutiny! Now for those of you who do not know what Mutiny is:

Mutiny (in Ashley Terms) - The crew revolting against it's captain because the captain is stinky....

Mutiny (according to Merriam Webster) - Forcible or Passive resistance to lawful authority

I still like my definition better! Anyway, many of you may be wondering why I would be calling Mutiny. Well the answer in its simplest form is. Because I can. Mutiny is usually called because the crew mates dislike the way their captain is running their ship. I call Mutiny for the plain fact that its a fun word to yell out! But anyway, Mutiny, as I just said, was taken because the members of the crew didn't like the way the captain was running the ship.

Now Mutiny didn't only happen on a ship. No, no my shipmates. It happened on land too. Many occurrences. But alas, the land lovers made punishments and penalties against Mutiny. Some penalties got as serious as death itself.

On a ship, most times if a mutiny was successful the former captain would be left on an island, barely anything to eat, or to drink. They'd pretty much only have the clothes on their back, and a pistol. A pistol with a single bullet. Now that was for when they went insane.

But don't fret! Not all mutinies were a success! Most of these were on land though, but I am sure there were punishments to be paid. Very bad ones. How do I figure this? Well pirates aren't exactly known for blowing bubbles and playing with stuffed unicorns. The punishments to be paid on land could be as bad as death.

Now, I don't know about you, but I for one call Mutiny! We must band together, we must retake our ship! We must take what was once ours! Yeah.. Just kidding! Autumn would definitely kill me. It would go something like this.


Yup. Totally. I call being both Jack and Angelica! Just Saying!

See Ya On The Seas,

Ashley ♥

More KingsIsle eye candy

Posted on the Pirate 101 Facebook:

Finny Concept Goodness. She could *so* beat up Ariel.

Leaving the obvious P101 possibilities aside, a "weather eye" will pick up on the url (bottom center) of, the blog of concept lead artist,  Dave Greko. *Plenty* of W101/P101 "eye candy" to be consumed here. I *highly* reccomend you go to myelectronicdays, and peruse the beautiful offerings. Artists are the highest form of storytelling, unlocking the door to imagination.

Happy Eye Candy!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Pirattitude: (pronounced pie-rat-i-tood)
Pirattitude is that natural attitude that comes from being like a pirate. Pirattitude is not always something that can be learned, and some people who are not pirates have pirattitude. These people have yet to embrace their inner pirate.

Well, pirates, gonna get a bit edgy, here. Risk-taking is not my forte. Apologies, in advance.

What can we expect from Pirate 101? Wow, that's a lot to ask. It's from KingsIsle, so we know it's a quality, kid-friendly title. But it's also about pirates, which were notably *not* kid-friendly, nor having much in the way of redeeming social graces, at all.

How will these two (seemingly) disparate qualities be combined? Pirates, in both a historical context, or in a romanticized media portrayal, are marauding sea-robbers. At the *minimum*, they are  thieves, highwaymen, preyers-upon-the-weak. And that's just the *minimum*. "Pirate 101 is the Han Solo story", as it quoted, but to what extent does that apply? Han was a smuggler, he shot first, and he did the right thing (initially) "for the money". No gleaming plate armor, here. Less "Shining Knight", and more "Dark Knight"

However, in this post-"Grand Theft Auto" generation, perhaps the sliding scale of "acceptable fantasy behavior" has shifted. Maybe, just *maybe*, I'm just a bit out of touch..or just overthinking it. In this day and age, where the area between "G" and "NC-17" is anything *but* distinct, and seems subject to the perceptions of the moment, rather than concrete rule, I fret. Like watching a metronome, the center/balance is always fleeting, and probably will always be so, considering the very broad range of the KingsIsle player demographics.

Not that I'm all "Pollyanna" about it, nor do I think that kids still live in the "Full House" timeframe,  but unlike the more "Good vs. Evil" simplicity of W101, P101 seems set to explore the many shades of gray in between, and therein lies the latch to Pandora's Box.
Hit my thumb with a hammer? Sure, I can curse like a sailor, and sometimes do, but not around younger, impressionable ears. That's part of what being "grown up" is about... appropriateness. It is a social context, something learned, not instinctual, and not exclusive to any one demographic.

I trust KingsIsle. They have a proven track record. I have no concerns for P101 from their perspective. However, having spent altogether too much time watching the shenanigans in the Commons of W101, I can only *imagine* the "artistic license" that may be "common" with the older of our younger players. Of Parents and Younglings, I have no worries. It's those who are "learning to be grown up" that I see problematic. ( I submit the very pirate-y, and ultimately mis-uable term "booty", as an example). The fiery dynamic those who are neither "Youngling", nor "Adult", and can mercurially morph between those states, where the younger look to for role-models, and the older watch over to guide the younger.

Or, like I've said "Maybe it's just me". Having been a long-run "kid-friendly" blogger, maybe it's just that natural default to "keep it appropriate", like with HiaG. Should things get a bit "keener" with tSC?
P101, however, is a new game. It's already stated it will be "Han Solo", so cartoony graphics aside, "How dark is dark?" on this new spectrum of appropriateness? How far is too far? What will we, as a collective community, decide the boundaries for our behavior (other than those specifically outlined by any ToS ) be?

This, like almost every Pirate 101 question, will be answered, in time, and I have faith (in both KI and the vast majority of Our Spir@l), that we can find an appropriate "middle ground", where it can be (and stay) fun for most. (it's never "all", because some people, you just can't reach").

So, what will be the "attitude" of our "Pirattitude", Spir@l? Please let me hear your thoughts.

Naughty-Call video time
Video selection (16+, for suggestive themes). Please exercise discretion.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Only Phules rush in...

...where angels fear to tread.

Hey there, you (eventual) Skyway Scallywags of Our Spir@l !

"So, there I was....", studiously re-checking every nook and cranny of the Pirate 101 Website, when an image in the "General Concept Art" flashed by.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Full Stop! Come about, lads! 5 Dots in! Bring that graphic back up, with a will!"

Phule Character Art

Well, well, what have we here? Another escapee from a Masquerade Ball? Is this a future companion? Hopefully we won't be fighting a Tsunami of clowns, because this character doesn't quite look like they do kid's parties. Is there a Pirate101 BatMan? Really digging the Yin/Yang motif. Who knows? Perhaps it's a "Nod of thanks" to Jester, over at Pirate 101 Central , in recognition for years of Community Support.

I was over at Witchwarrior101, (yay! She's back!), and Cassandra says the Armada reminds her of 'V for Vendetta', and having read that, I can't help but really see some 'V' in this 'Phule', which, in the long run, tells me nothing, because 'V' was quite the anti-typical hero.

KingsIsle, you're killin' me, here! I'll theorycraft me'self to death, I will! What am I saying? I can't be mad at KI, only my own impatience. So, what are your thoughts?


Oh, Pirate 101, I can't help falling in love with you!

Be Thee Well

Edit: Darn it, Autumn, *check* to make sure the video is embedded *before* you publish, geesh!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yo-ho! Ho-hum.

Arrrrgh, there Captains.

This is the part I do detest the most...the wait.

Much like plundering the high seas, we have days and days of rolling, empty oceans, broken only by the ship of information to plunder. On top of that, there are limited waters to sail, and let me tell 'ye, them waters be crowded. Many a fish, and not enough worms to go around.

However, sometimes one gets lucky. Lucky is good. Heckhound, I'd rather be "Lucky" than "good", because Lucky beats good.

Case in point, the Pirate 101 Facebook page. Not one but *two* tantalizing, and conspicuously vague pictures:

Volcano (!)

Oh, I dunno, "The Birds"?

Theorycraft away, me 'earties! One can only imagine the possibilities. 

Oh, and, just in case'n yer not, a bit o' advice:
"Always good t'be following the , erm, "antics", of one J.Todd Coleman, savvy?"

Be Thee Well

Friday, June 1, 2012

Heard around Port

Hey there, you Captains.

Captain Duskhunter's overwatch of the Blogport.
I'm sure enough that, by now, you've heard about some of the new concept art added to the Official Pirate 101 website, and that more questions have been answered, since there are many fine blogs, (listed at right), who are keeping us all up-to-date, as the situation warrants, I'll refer you to them. (Remember to leave nice comments. Bloggers like nice comments.)

There's some other art I'd like to make sure you're aware of, as well.

First and foremost, Captain Avery, himself. I *almost* missed his tweet ( @Pirate101_Avery ) , and I'm glad I didn't, because some sleuthing on my part brought me to the "X" that marks his Pinterest page.
Of greatest interest to me, personally, is the art concept covering ship customization, Showing two hull customized with various rudder and , Oh, I  dunno, "sails" doesn't seem to cover it. Be sure to see it!

     Of great joy to me is the dual announcement that my old friend Cassandra Griffindreamer, ( @WitchWarrior ) ,a long-time ally (and inspirational artist) from WitchWarrior101, is coming back to the Spir@l! On top of that, she's teased THIS, hinting at an upcoming story, an all  original, to be based in our upcoming P101 Spir@l. Cassandra has always been the personification of the spark of imagination that KingsIsle inspires. Art and stories abound for all!
Now tSC feels a bit more complete, being able to actively report on "the usual suspects", from 'days of old'. Welcome back, Cassandra!

There is (always) more  to report, but I've got to get myself organized first. It seems I've *yet* to report the same day as news is available, so I'm making sure, (for posterity, if nothing else), to cover things as they best as I can. 

NOT heard, sadly, I was not able to catch Pieces of Eight Radio, (and do so hope for archives) , because, if Ravenwood Radio is any guideline, Po8 ( @ Piecesof8Radio) will be a valuable resource for the P101 Community. Be sure to be more diligent than I, savvy? Missing a live show is like losing a leg... no peg will ever quite match "the real thing".

Be sure to be listening to Po8 Radio, and be sure to follow Pirate 101 on Facebook..and learn things before everyone else. ;)

Be Thee Well.