Sunday, April 29, 2012

Know Yer Nautical History, Class #1

Ahoy, Captains!

It is a well known axiom that a boat is "a hole in the water that one constantly throws money into", but unless you're a well versed reader of Chapman's Piloting, some of the shipboard terminology may be a *bit* obscure. For example:

There *will* be a test..maybe.

 Really, all you need to know is this, (in this *lavish* illustration): 

See? So much easier on the eyes. You're welcome.

Now *Sails*, on the other hand, for Tall Ships, is *much* easier:

*Definitely* gonna be a test. Do your Homework, (*giggle*)

Okay, so we know that Pirate101's ships will be *slightly* less complicated, but I thought "in the spirit of things", we'd take a quick peek at "what has gone before". Admittedly, I am a bit of a maritime Geek, (especially relating to all things Pirate). 

In the Boston-ish Area, we have our own Pirate "Heroes", like "Black" Sam Bellamy,  and we have Pirate Museums, (in Salem, no less!). Who's your "favorite" Notorious Scallywag? (Jack Sparrow doesn't count, Ashley, we're talking *historical* pirates).

Today's Naughty-Call video selection shall be "Rime of the Ancient Mariner", ( The Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem as read by Orson Welles, not sung by Bruce Dickinson, -Sorry 'Maiden Fans. ;) )

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Heather Raven said...

On this side of the country we have more legends about shanghaiing than pirates. Ooh secret passage ways. Heather liiiike.