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Pirattitude: (pronounced pie-rat-i-tood)
Pirattitude is that natural attitude that comes from being like a pirate. Pirattitude is not always something that can be learned, and some people who are not pirates have pirattitude. These people have yet to embrace their inner pirate.

Well, pirates, gonna get a bit edgy, here. Risk-taking is not my forte. Apologies, in advance.

What can we expect from Pirate 101? Wow, that's a lot to ask. It's from KingsIsle, so we know it's a quality, kid-friendly title. But it's also about pirates, which were notably *not* kid-friendly, nor having much in the way of redeeming social graces, at all.

How will these two (seemingly) disparate qualities be combined? Pirates, in both a historical context, or in a romanticized media portrayal, are marauding sea-robbers. At the *minimum*, they are  thieves, highwaymen, preyers-upon-the-weak. And that's just the *minimum*. "Pirate 101 is the Han Solo story", as it quoted, but to what extent does that apply? Han was a smuggler, he shot first, and he did the right thing (initially) "for the money". No gleaming plate armor, here. Less "Shining Knight", and more "Dark Knight"

However, in this post-"Grand Theft Auto" generation, perhaps the sliding scale of "acceptable fantasy behavior" has shifted. Maybe, just *maybe*, I'm just a bit out of touch..or just overthinking it. In this day and age, where the area between "G" and "NC-17" is anything *but* distinct, and seems subject to the perceptions of the moment, rather than concrete rule, I fret. Like watching a metronome, the center/balance is always fleeting, and probably will always be so, considering the very broad range of the KingsIsle player demographics.

Not that I'm all "Pollyanna" about it, nor do I think that kids still live in the "Full House" timeframe,  but unlike the more "Good vs. Evil" simplicity of W101, P101 seems set to explore the many shades of gray in between, and therein lies the latch to Pandora's Box.
Hit my thumb with a hammer? Sure, I can curse like a sailor, and sometimes do, but not around younger, impressionable ears. That's part of what being "grown up" is about... appropriateness. It is a social context, something learned, not instinctual, and not exclusive to any one demographic.

I trust KingsIsle. They have a proven track record. I have no concerns for P101 from their perspective. However, having spent altogether too much time watching the shenanigans in the Commons of W101, I can only *imagine* the "artistic license" that may be "common" with the older of our younger players. Of Parents and Younglings, I have no worries. It's those who are "learning to be grown up" that I see problematic. ( I submit the very pirate-y, and ultimately mis-uable term "booty", as an example). The fiery dynamic those who are neither "Youngling", nor "Adult", and can mercurially morph between those states, where the younger look to for role-models, and the older watch over to guide the younger.

Or, like I've said "Maybe it's just me". Having been a long-run "kid-friendly" blogger, maybe it's just that natural default to "keep it appropriate", like with HiaG. Should things get a bit "keener" with tSC?
P101, however, is a new game. It's already stated it will be "Han Solo", so cartoony graphics aside, "How dark is dark?" on this new spectrum of appropriateness? How far is too far? What will we, as a collective community, decide the boundaries for our behavior (other than those specifically outlined by any ToS ) be?

This, like almost every Pirate 101 question, will be answered, in time, and I have faith (in both KI and the vast majority of Our Spir@l), that we can find an appropriate "middle ground", where it can be (and stay) fun for most. (it's never "all", because some people, you just can't reach").

So, what will be the "attitude" of our "Pirattitude", Spir@l? Please let me hear your thoughts.

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