Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This bodes well

Hey, Captains! Great P101 news!

Pirate 101 won "Best Hybrid Strategy" at E3! (via RTS Guru):

" Kingsisle's 2nd kid-friendly MMO could be written off by that one hyphenated word: kid-friendly. But doing so would make you the stupidest person ever. No. Really. The stupidest. Because Pirate 101 is shaping up to be one of the fantastic example of an MMO with a strategy bent done right. All combat is turn-based grid-movement RTS goodness at its finest, and the crew you build makes P101 like Final Fantasy Tactics on the high seas. Watch this one folks. It's going to be a keeper."

 ALso, P101 nominated for "Most Innovative" at MMORPG.com.

And last, (but certainly not *least*), P101 gets front page coverage over at DadLabs

"Pirate101 Online Family Gaming - Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad visit the headquarters of KingsIsle, creators of Wizard101, the smash online game with over 25 million users. They get a sneak peak at the follow up game, Pirate101."

Pirate 101 is an adventure game that is accessible and family friendly with various levels and game tracks for older and younger players. KingsIsle focused on multi-generational play because online gaming is becoming more important to families, and many report being brought closer together by playing them.
Absorb it all..

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