Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hello Fellow Pirate People! It's Ashley! Here to call Mutiny! Now for those of you who do not know what Mutiny is:

Mutiny (in Ashley Terms) - The crew revolting against it's captain because the captain is stinky....

Mutiny (according to Merriam Webster) - Forcible or Passive resistance to lawful authority

I still like my definition better! Anyway, many of you may be wondering why I would be calling Mutiny. Well the answer in its simplest form is. Because I can. Mutiny is usually called because the crew mates dislike the way their captain is running their ship. I call Mutiny for the plain fact that its a fun word to yell out! But anyway, Mutiny, as I just said, was taken because the members of the crew didn't like the way the captain was running the ship.

Now Mutiny didn't only happen on a ship. No, no my shipmates. It happened on land too. Many occurrences. But alas, the land lovers made punishments and penalties against Mutiny. Some penalties got as serious as death itself.

On a ship, most times if a mutiny was successful the former captain would be left on an island, barely anything to eat, or to drink. They'd pretty much only have the clothes on their back, and a pistol. A pistol with a single bullet. Now that was for when they went insane.

But don't fret! Not all mutinies were a success! Most of these were on land though, but I am sure there were punishments to be paid. Very bad ones. How do I figure this? Well pirates aren't exactly known for blowing bubbles and playing with stuffed unicorns. The punishments to be paid on land could be as bad as death.

Now, I don't know about you, but I for one call Mutiny! We must band together, we must retake our ship! We must take what was once ours! Yeah.. Just kidding! Autumn would definitely kill me. It would go something like this.


Yup. Totally. I call being both Jack and Angelica! Just Saying!

See Ya On The Seas,

Ashley ♥

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