Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Official, tSC is *not*

See the updated banner? Notice anything different? Let's discuss.

After KingsIsle's recent opening of the proverbial floodgates for Official Fansites, I have made the conscious decision *not* to apply, and I'd like to address it here and now.

In NO way whatsoever should this be considered any kind of 'slight' to KingsIsle. Quite the contrary, having been graced previously with "Official" status with HiaG, (now rescinded), it seems inappropriate for me to take any spotlight once again. I believe *new* voices should stand up, and be heard, not "the usual suspects". I've had my time, and I gracefully expect (nay, demand) that my "dandelions" step up, and take my place. It's the Circle of Life. (Que Lion King theme)

I had my time, now it's YOUR turn.
I have stated before, as have several other fine bloggers, that the motivations for being "Official" must, by nature, be darn-near 100% "Pure". We who blog, from the heart, do not do it for "fame", nor "prizes". I want people who read tSC to be here because they share a certain affinity for my views or writing style, not because I'm "Official", or "Likely to give stuff away", or even "famous".  My blog here is for the love, and for the friends I make that share it with me. Nothing more. Nothing less.

If you're going for the "Official" nod from KI, I wish you well. Understand that you are pledging yourself for the future. Hold your blog as a committed promise, and  do it with joyful love. Sail proudly in the Kings(Isle) Fleet. Know that you represent something greater than all of us, and that is the family-friendly magic that is Our Spir@l. I salute you, and your honor to be able to hoist the KI colors. Serve those colors, and what they represent, to the very best of your abilities.

I am a Pirate, and I am free to live or die by my words. And so it shall remain. Are *you* "Simba enough" to carry the KI banner high? Let's see what you got.


John Lifeglen said...

I have to say I'm with you, Cap'n. As a student, I can't tie myself down and give Through the Eyes of a Privateer as much love as I wish I could, not to mention my gameplay comes in spurts. I might just have to make a button (me, buttons? Go figure...) saying Officially Unofficial. Well put, Cap'n Autumn!

Edward Lifegem said...

You would be a great Official Site, you're a great Officialy UNOffical site too! You're a great blogger and community leader :) I sent in an application, if I'm not accepted I want your badge! :) Thanks for the great blog post and I can't wait to read more :) I also agree 101%! Being a Fansite isn't about the fame and fortune. I am glad you said that because maybe everyone who is planning on submitting a site will understand :) I am glad I do now, before (beginning of last year) I was only thinking about becoming an "Official Site" Now I care about my friends that read and follow my blog and I LOVE blogging :) Like I said if I'm not accepted I won't be mad, I will ask you for your badge though if you are planning on giving it out :)!

AutumnalDusk said...

Ty! As for the "Badge", It's certainly re-workable, and ought be cleaned up a bit for distribution, but I just hope the sentiment resonates that it's *not* a be-all, end-all goal to be Official. Sure, it's nice, but it's also a serious commitment.

Official, or not, do it for the love.

Edward Lifegem said...

Yes :) You're right. Last year I was mad at first about not being Official. When I look back I can't believe I was only thinking about that. Right now, of course I'm nervous about it, but will never be mad if they don't accept me. I'm going to enjoy blogging always and glad that I started this blog so everyone can read it! Thanks again for the post. I'm glad the community has bloggers like you!