Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yo-ho! Ho-hum.

Arrrrgh, there Captains.

This is the part I do detest the most...the wait.

Much like plundering the high seas, we have days and days of rolling, empty oceans, broken only by the ship of information to plunder. On top of that, there are limited waters to sail, and let me tell 'ye, them waters be crowded. Many a fish, and not enough worms to go around.

However, sometimes one gets lucky. Lucky is good. Heckhound, I'd rather be "Lucky" than "good", because Lucky beats good.

Case in point, the Pirate 101 Facebook page. Not one but *two* tantalizing, and conspicuously vague pictures:

Volcano (!)

Oh, I dunno, "The Birds"?

Theorycraft away, me 'earties! One can only imagine the possibilities. 

Oh, and, just in case'n yer not, a bit o' advice:
"Always good t'be following the , erm, "antics", of one J.Todd Coleman, savvy?"

Be Thee Well

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