Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Not exactly the Boy Scouts...

Doing one's homework..(Well, you didn't think I wasn't gonna beat *that* dead horse, did you?)

Oh, Capitans, my Captains! I cannot tell you how the call to sail the skyways of Pirate101 grips and claws at me, like a riptide pulling against a ship at anchor. Moreso than any other aspect are the ships. I'm obsessed and enchanted by them. I half expect to spend more time "at sky" than landlocked. Why, I'll wager crowns that I'm not the only one who has already named their future ship, (whether we can name them in-game, or not.) Yes, I'll be at the helm of "The Dworgyn"

With all these new grouping options being discussed for land battles, I'm still curious as to boarding parties, and more importantly "Squadron" or "Fleet" groupings, that is to say, marauding packs of ships sailing under common flag, or purpose. Of course there were always single-ship Acts of Piracy, but the more successful ventures were based on the teamwork of several ships.

And, if so , just how, shall we say, "tactical", shall these groupings be? Of course, there are lengthy dissertations of Fleet tactics of sail , required reading for any Captain of a Ship of the Line.

Now, of course, I realize that #P101 isn't likely to be designed as a full-on naval tactics simulator (and trust me, *that's* for the best), but I cannot rightly see any ship, be it Sea, Sky, (or yes, even space), being restricted to "broadsides". Victory at land, or at Sky, requires Fire and Maneuver.

Yes, yes, I know...I'm probably over-thinking this. It's in my nature. I'm just excited, is  all. As is attributed to Louis Pasteur: "Fortune favors the well prepared"... (which, of course, brings us to today's "Naughty-Call" video selection..Be Prepared)

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