Thursday, May 17, 2012

I spy, with my little eye... minigames! Coming to Pirate 101~

Must have mayhem!

Of course, with this new Part of Our Spir@l opened to us, there be even more ways to be spending your time, and earning booty, to boot! Be Sure to check it out HERE, at Pirate101!

Coin Drop - Pirate treasure coins are stacked in a confusing mass, and you need to clear away as many coins as possible so the stack doesn't raise above the foul line!

Pirate's Pub: In this mini game, it's a race to the end of your shift as you serve up cold frothy glasses of Yum to impatient Pirates.

Powder Keg: Shoot back enemies and keep your tower standing as long as you can in this action packed mini game.

Rat Attack: Control an infestation of pesky rats with your powerful cannon in this fast paced Pirate mini game.

Rogue's Range: Get your target practice in by shooting Pirate cut-outs with this first person shooter mini game!

Windjammer: The Skyway can be a busy place, as you see by having to avoid enemies and blasting cannons in the Windjammer mini game.

Wow, honestly, I can't wait to try ALL of them. Lotsa "Crash, BOOM, Bang!" going on in the Pirate's Life, it seems.  If this is just the *minigames*, I'll wager many a crown that there will be raucous fun to be had for all ye' salty dogs!

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Stingite said...

Rat Attack . . . all the way!