Sunday, May 6, 2012

Introduction Time!

Ahoy Loyal Ship Mates! 'Tis time for introductions! Oh who am I kidding? I can't pull off this Pirate Word Play! Anyway, it really is time to meet the crew! Or at least the newest member of the crew! Hi! I'm Ashley Duskhunter! Autumn's Teenage Child. Some of you might already know me from a previous blog. But now I'm joining the Pirate World (Along with trying to stay in the Wizard World)! Well, All I can say from what I've read about P101, it seems very very very awesome sauce! I also think I'll be going Witchdoctor. "Ashley The Teenage WitchDoctor".

Well My Ship Mates! I have found this "Doll Creator". The website is Azalea's Dolls. I must say it is a very interesting Doll Creation site. So Kudo's to Azalea! Now to the point of this part! One of the Doll creators is the Heroine Creator. You can make your own Disney Heroine! The creator has undergone alot of updates since the first time I tried it. At first you could only make mermaids. Now you can make Princesses, Maidens, etc. So Autumn told me about tSC and Idea's got a brewing in my head!

"Hey Ashley! Let's go Make Sirens for tSC!"
"Hmm.... OKAY!"

So this is what I came up with:

Autumn:  The Elder Siren

Ashley: The "Ariel" of the Sirens

Now we all know Disney's The Little Mermaid. But before any of that Mermaids (or Sirens) weren't known for saving a drowning princes life and singing to him on the beach until her regained consciousness. They were known for luring pirates in on their ships in dangerous waters. Then the ship would sink and all the crewmen would be gone.

Well that's all for now! Just Keep Swimming!

See You all In the Deep Blue,


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