Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Little Siren History Lesson

Greetings Pirates! I have a little history lesson for you! About Mermaids! Yes you read that right. Mermaids. Now I think most of you will think of one thing when you hear the word Mermaid. The Little Mermaid. Trust me! I think of it too! Anyone (including Autumn) will tell you. I love love love the Little Mermaid! But before the whole 'Under The Sea' thing came into Walt Disney's head, mermaids were known for a different type of behavior.

Mermaids are mythical creatures in old pirate tales. The upper body of a human, up to their hips. Everything under the hips are of a fish. The mermaids have leg length tails. These tails would have fins at the end of them, enabling them to swim. These creatures had beyond belief beauty. Their faces, ever so perfect. These very evil creatures would drag the mesmerized sailors to the ocean floor. Killing them.

Exhibit A. "My Jolly Sailor Bold"

I honestly adore that song. But as you can see mermaids know how to handle the sailors of the ocean blue. As you can clearly see by this lovely song, these mermaids are very different from that cutesy stuff they do over at the Little Mermaid. They lure in the sailor with their beauty and song. Then they snap. They become vicious and well evil.

I would SO play a mermaid in P101. But that's just me!

Well there's your little Pirate History Lesson of the Day! Hope it didnt bore you tooo much!

You're "Innocent" Mermaid,

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