Friday, May 18, 2012

Is the war over?

"So, there I was...", poring over possible courses to chart on Our Spir@l's skyways, when a nervous representative of my ship's future contingent approached me, followed by a less-than-enthusiastic crew.

"Beggin' yer pardon, Cap'n, but with Friendly now recruited by the Kings(Isle) Navy, might'n this mean that the ongoing war with Ol' Tom be over, with nary a shot fired?"

*Thwak* sang my blade, as it flew from my scabbard.

*thunk* went my ex-minion's head, as it began it's newly-liberated journey from it's mooring at the shoulders.

"An excellent question, lad" I thoughtfully replied, "Ever so glad you asked. Gather up the Crew, and we shall discuss. Also, someone make a note of that minion's bravery..and bring a mop."

Ah, Old Tom. Not to be confused with Dead Tom, Necromancer extraordinaire, Cornerstone of the W101 community, now not just privateer for KingsIsle, but outright Major General. Of course, this scuttlebutt is not 'new', by the convention of "Internet Time", but must needs be addressed, regardless. I've been mulling over this development, and am now ready broach the subject.

Our little war, composed of skirmishes spaced over time measured in years, is *far* from over. Quite the contrary, one might surmise we are only now seeing the full and glorious clash just now coming over the horizon.

There is no glory to be gained by conquering lesser opponents, such is only a form of carrion feeding. Jostling with one's own peers is slightly better, but no more than wolves struggling for "Alpha" position...
True Glory, however , is found in the Epic Battles. it's about Davids and Goliaths. What sweeter victory than that of overcoming supposedly insurmountable odds?'Ol Tom's ascension has provided us with unexpected opportunity! Dodge the thunder, and seek the silver lining, lads! And when you find that silver lining, loot it!

True enough, Ol' Tom may now have the very  powers of Triton Himself, but therein lies our inevitable victory, lads! True and well, he may have Phenomenal Cosmic Powers, but , and this is the best part of it, me 'earties, is he's all but handed us the keys to (eventual) victory! Sure, he got powers, but he's also now beholden to many a binding chain of rules, regulations, and procedure, muah-ha-ha! While we here are free to fire at will, 'Ol Tom has a Chain of Command, wrapped like an Albatross 'round 'is neck.

Now, that's not to say we can simply sail up "as we please", for there be dragons, but, should we manage the perils with strategy and deftness, not even The Armada itself shall stand against us.
Ol' Tom has well and justly deserved the riches heaped upon upon him, but uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. We most certainly wish him well, and take nothing from him for his accomplishments, far-flung and storied as they are.

So, Ol' Tom, we hereby doff our hats to 'ye, "Major General", in deference to your title, and position, as we respect only the most worthy of opponents.

"Gratz", Friendly, and Thank You!

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