Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pirate101 Interviews -Sam Johnson, via Massively

Well, 'mates, If'n you're like me, (and if so, my condolences), you like to scour the skyways of the internet for "all things Pirate 101".

Just stumbled across this myself, and it's a good read, over at Massively, interviewing Creative Lead Designer, Sam Johnson.

In this interview, Sam gives a lot of tantalizing tidbits covering gameplay expectations, companions, and how your pirate will start their journey.

(From the interview)

Massively: What do you feel are the most important lessons you learned from the development of Wizard101, and how did they influence the design of Pirate101?

Sam: From a purely story standpoint, we learned that humor works, that a light, welcoming tone is absolutely critical, and that the right kind of humor can create experiences that resonate with both kids and adults. We also learned that "side quest" content must be clearly distinguishable from the Main Story; players must always be able to easily tell what they have to do next and not fear that every little quest they find is required to finish the big story.

 Read the full interview HERE.

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