Saturday, May 26, 2012

Where can I download Pirate 101? The Answer.

The short, and bittersweet answer is : You Can't. It's not available...yet. KingsIsle will let us know when.

Of course, many of you already know this, but this post is put out early because *already*, I've seen sites advertising that they have Pirate 101, whether by torrent, mirror, hotfile or Zip file.."all you need to do is join/sign up" ..

That's all fake fishcakes and sawdust, my future pirates. NOBODY has Pirate 101, except KingsIsle Entertainment.

It would be an awful shame that if, out of impatience, you downloaded a file *promising* you Pirate 101, but instead allowing YOUR data to be pirated, (and possibly your W101 login, too).  Then, when Beta *was* announced, you couldn't play because your computer was out for repair because of that file you downloaded, if your hard drive could be recovered without a full wipe.

Patient Pirates Prevail.

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