Monday, May 28, 2012

The makings of our own Fleet

Fleet : (n) the largest organized unit of naval ships grouped for tactical or other purposes.

"Ready to sail, at your word, Admiral"
Avast, there, me 'earties. Taking a moment out to survey our local blogging waters. It never ceases to impress how dedicated the KingsIsle blogging community can rally 'round, and work to maintain and prepare for the eventual release of Pirate 101. The mere fact that several blogs are now well-established, and ready-to-sail, (under the flag of "Admiral Friendly".), from the initial announcement on April 25th, to date, speaks volumes for the interest and passion that KingsIsle generates in it's player communities.

Removing tSC, for modesty's sake, from this survey, I'd like to highlight several blogs that have consistently caught my eye. These be "tha' ones t'watch", in my less-than-humble opinion, for their consistent efforts to prepare their fellow captains for the Skyways of Our Spir@l. 

Now, by no means is this list exhaustive, and we're always keeping a weather eye on the horizon for new sails, (and if you're a Blog Captain, and you're not seen here, notify me, an' I'll be correcting that), but the blogs listed below have truly sailed to the fore of our Blog Fleet, and have rigorously striven to maintain the momentum and excitement of the announcement of P101 from it's start to the foggy horizon of eventual Beta. Blogs mentioned below (in alphabetic order) are chosen for their creative ability to consistently create and educate the future P101 community, despite the (relatively) limited resources we can bring to bear, atm. This is not to take away from *any* of our Captains on the Blogroll, for all are faithful before the mast, but certain hard-chargers are feverishly chomping at the bit, waiting on KingsIsle's pleasure.

So, without further ado, let's look at our most motivated of Captains:

So, fellow Captain's I "doff me hat" to ye, in recognition of your contributions, already.

Which brings me to a related subject, the future of Our Pirate Spir@l. Yes, I know, it's still exceptionally early, but if I've learned anything while doing HiaG, it's to "look forward". Already, we've seen the seed of Community take root, have we not? Knowing "Admiral Friendly" is at the helm makes it so much easier to mentally define.

Community, escpecially n the KingsIsle's waters, it a precious thing. Having sailed many a MMO community, there is none like the W101 Community (believe me, I've looked), and I expect it t'be no different for P101.

We stand at the dawn of a new Era for Our Spir@l, and we should all be looking forward. There's an old saying "When the avalanche starts, it's too late for the snowflakes to vote". In the interest of being pirat-ey, I'm inclined to replace "avalanche" with "floodgates", and "snowflakes" I didn't think that far ahead.

Back on course, it is upon us, the earliest of adopters of Our Spir@l's new facet, to generally agree upon "The Code" of how our Spir@l will be, A "Brethren's Court", as it were. One where all who would stand at the table share a vote. (That means all of us "Blog Captains"). One where, as is proper, Admiral Friendly and KI have the the first (and final) word, but where we who choose to speak loudly all agree on "guidelines". Now these, of course, are mostly common sense, and these promises I make are purely me own, but one's that I believe should be considered, at the very least.

"they're more like guidelines than actual rules.."
"I will treat my fellow captains with the same respect I'd expect from others for myself"
"I shall keep my personal quarrels with other Captains out of the public eye"
"I shall always remember that we all start out knowing nothing, and only learn by asking"
"I shall view the needs of our community to be paramount to my own"
"I shall embrace views, opposing my own, to be a valid right of my fellow Captains"
"I realize that 'Fun is fun', but not when it's at another Captain's expense."
"The Skyways are big enough for all of us"
"When a Captain is overboard in their actions, it affects all of us" 

I'm sure there are many more that can be added, (and will be), over time, but no book is written in a day, and the chronicles of our eventual adventures is only now just beginning. We, collectively, are the authors of a Greater Epic than any of our individual chapters can convey. I, for one, am the Captain of *my* chapter, and I'll not have it tarnished by behavior that can, over time, be looked back upon with disdain or regret. So, as I stand, with quill to ink, I do so undertake these guidelines as my own, lest my own honor be impuned.

"Sail as you will" O Captains, My Captains, and ...
Be Thee Well
 EDIT: Feel free to copy/distribute the "Oath" logo, and it's ideals (credit not required), as a Community Ideal that you Captains endorse!


Johnny said...

Thank you for your kind words Autumn. :) Yes we all are waiting for the word from Captain Tom! Everyones blogs look fantastic, and I'm loving all of the pirate information I am learning. I even finished watching the Pirates of the Carribean films yesterday. (I only watched the 1st and 2nd one, so I decided to watch the 3rd and
4th) Got me into the pirate kind of mood. Cant wait for Pirate101 to open closed beta.

*Hands bottle of Yum*

Heres to hoping something will new will come up this week. ;) *Cheers*


AutumnalDusk said...

You're most certainly welcome! The PotC series are worthy, indeed.

And yes, I'll swig that yum!

Always anxious for turns of fortune with P101, as the tide rolls!

Yadin Bromberg said...

An amazing post as always Autumn :) As you stated, the Wizard101 community was phenomenal and one of the best MMO communities I have ever seen and I am sure the Pirate101 community will succeed just as well.

We are all waiting for Cap'n Tom's words as to what is upcoming in the community because I certainly cannot wait :D

The various blogs out there right now are incredible! Many are posting on a daily basis which is great! People are coming up with new and exciting ideas of how to intrigue the community. As a matter of fact, last weekend, I was at a retreat and the whole 4 day retreat was based off of Pirates and it made me think of our amazing community every second :)

Thanks again for your words of wisdom Autumn! You really have a way with words :) Would you mind if other bloggers take the rules and incorporate them into one's blog? I might make a photoshoped scroll with the laws on it :)

Anyways, keep on sailing the Skyways!
-Buccaneer Blaze

AutumnalDusk said...

NOTE TO ALL: Please, at your leisure, feel absolutely free to copy/distribute the image and/or ideas of this post as a Community Ideal, rather than my individual contribution. "The More the Merrier", as it were.

Post edited to reflect this.